Visits From Old Friends

January 23, 2014

We had two visits this week from some old friends who are vastly healthier and happier than when we first met them.  The first is our beloved kitty Tigger, who spent 8 whole days here just about a year ago as a very sick little kitten.  The second is the sweet Olive, who was picked up on the streets of Torrington in terrible shape, but our nurse Jen saw the incredible dog she could be and adopted her into her home.  Aren’t these “then” and “now” pictures amazing?

Tigger- Then

Tigger- Then

Tigger- Now

Tigger- Now

Olive- Then

Olive- Then


Olive- Now

Olive- Now

This is Moose

January 22, 2014

This little guy (we named him Moose) came to us just before Christmas, rejected by his mother, very underweight, and critically ill. We were able to successfully revive him, but his family couldn’t afford the cost of his ongoing care and monitoring, and therefore surrendered him to us. He has been fostered by one of our staff members since then, and even though he is still so small, he is doing great! He was able to go to his permanent home this week. Good luck Moose! You are a survivor!


Our special holiday patient

December 26, 2013

We’ve had a lot of them this week, but this boy reminded us all that age is not a disease, and older pets can amaze us too.  This is Charlie, a 17-year-old (yes, 17!) dachshund who spent several days with us this week. He had surgery for a foreign body and has made a remarkable recovery! Here he is yesterday just starting to feel better. You are incredible Charlie- we wish you the best!


The things cats will do!

This guy tried to swallow a needle, but we were able to retrieve it before it went too far! Warning to all cat owners out there: it is not uncommon for them to try eat a strand of thread with needle attached!


Beware, ’tis the season!

December 13, 2013

There’s chocolate everywhere, and dogs love it, although it is so bad for them. We have had several chocolate toxicity cases this week, and Stormy here is the latest. She is doing well so far and we are wishing her a speedy recovery. But remember to keep all the holiday chocolate goodies out of reach of your pets!


Get well Bella!

November 5, 2013

This adorable little girl is Bella. She came to us Sunday night after ingesting 40 pieces of Ice Breakers gum with xylitol! This artificial sweetener is safe for people but can be deadly to dogs, causing low blood sugar and sometimes liver failure. Bella has experienced the toxic effects of the compound, but received a plasma transfusion this morning to counteract the effects on the liver, and is so far showing signs of recovery. We wish her the best of luck in getting well!!!


Update on Jackson

October 22, 2013

Jackson recovered so well from his hernia repair, it was amazing!  Last night, it became time to perform the second surgery he desperately needed- a rear limb amputation to remove the irreparably fractured leg.  Jackson tolerated the anesthesia well, despite now having only about 2/3 lung function, and now, 12 hours after surgery, has eaten three meals and is walking around!  What an astounding boy- he has a true survival instinct!

Click the link below to see him eating just 2 hours after his surgery this morning


Jackson the Wonder Cat

October 12, 2013

Jackson came to us last week after having been picked up by the excellent Animal Control Officer Les Archer of New Hartford and Barkhamsted.  He has a very long story which is ongoing, but he was found to first have a very poorly healed rear leg fracture then a severe diaphragmatic hernia (a hole in the muscle that separates the organs in the chest from the organs in the abdomen).  He underwent an intensive surgery this week to repair the hernia and will hopefully have another surgery next week to remove the severely damaged leg.  He has survived so much already in his short life, we are wishing him a full recovery!  For more information on his procedure and what he’s been through, check out our Facebook page!


Good Samaritans

September 21, 2013

We had a great night this week, on which two young stray kittens were independently found and brought in by good samaritans. Both parties accepted responsibility for their kitten and plan to adopt them! This little girl is no more than 6 weeks old and was found with only one eye, which is infected, but we hope she’ll get to keep it. Thank you both for taking care of some really lucky kittens!

photo 1 photo 3

A Great Story!

September 7, 2013

Isabella was found in Hartford last weekend with a severe injury to her tail. She was lactating, but her kittens were nowhere to be seen. She has stayed with us all week receiving treatments to fix her tail, and just last night, 5 kittens were found in the same area she came from. They were brought here, after 5 whole days without nursing, and Isabella accepted them immediately! The family is reunited!

SAM_0467 SAM_0477 SAM_0479

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