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June 4, 2013

porcupines have been out in force this spring! We have seen at least one case of dog vs. porcupine a week the past two months. Check out this article on porcupine “attacks”:

This is Olive!

May 25, 2013

She was found on the streets of Torrington about 1 month ago, severely malnourished and weak. No one claimed her so we took her in and cared for her, and of course, fell in love! Especially Jen, one of our nurses, who just adopted her. She looks so great now and is doing so well in her new home!

Before Before After After After

More puppies!

April 25, 2013

This little schnoodle named Mia delivered FIVE puppies here last night!  She is such a good mom, she knew right away exactly how to take care of them!

Mia and her pupsPuppiesPuppiesYinYang

Get well Allie!

April 22, 2013

Get well soon Allie! Allie spent the weekend with us after we discovered she had an intestinal mass that needed to be removed. The surgery went well, and we are all wishing the best for her. She is the sweetest!Allie

Happy homecoming Molly!

March 5, 2013

Molly was discharged today after staying with us for a week to correct a gastrointestinal problem.  We will miss her bunches, but are so happy she finally got to go home!



Get Well Dutchie!

Dutchess has been spending a lot of time with us lately, as she is being treated for a few different conditions.  She has an incredibly loving and dedicated family, and we just wanted to send out a big get well wish to her and let her family know we are thinking about them!

Diutchess after her bath

Diutchess after her bath

Why Pet Insurance Is A Great Idea

February 25, 2013
Lola- adorable!

Lola- adorable!

We get asked a lot if pet insurance is worth the cost, and we have to say yes!  While we don’t have much experience with the different routine care and wellness plans out there, we do know that the accident and illness coverage can be incredibly helpful to mitigate the costs of  a serious condition that requires hospitalization or surgery.  Take Lola here, for example.  This mischievous 1-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback got into her owner’s prescription medication.  It turned out that this medication could cause kidney failure, and she needed to stay in the hospital on IV fluids for 2 days to help protect the kidneys and prevent injury.  She also needed regular rechecks of her labwork to monitor for kidney damage.  Costs for an incident like this could be over $1000, but Lola’s family invested in pet insurance, which will pay 80% of these charges after the deductible.  Lola was a wonderful patient, and we are so glad her family thought ahead and was able to manage the expense of such an unexpected but potentially very serious event!

Why does veterinary care cost so much??

February 19, 2013
We get asked this question a lot. It’s so hard to explain to someone distraught over their sick pet that we in veterinary medicine are able to do SO much with so little, compared to the exorbitant costs of human medical care. We found this article that does an excellent job of explaining the constant struggle of veterinary professionals, trying to care for the sick animals they love, but knowing they have to pay their own bills, too. Check it out!

String And Kitties Do Not Mix!

February 3, 2013

String, thread, ribbon, tinsel- we call them linear foreign bodies and they are deadly.  This 6-month-old kitten named Tigger came to us over a week ago, and was found to have ingested a long piece of thread that had started to cut through his intestines, spreading infection throughout his abdomen!  It took two surgeries and a lot of intensive care (including oxygen supplementation and tube feeding) to get him through this ordeal.  We are SO proud and pleased to report he is being discharged today!  His wonderfully dedicated owners had adopted him less than a week before he got sick!  He is so lucky to have them, and we wish him a long, healthy, and string-free life in his new home.

Tigger feeling pretty poorly

Tigger feeling pretty poorly


Starting to feel better (little did we know he would need a 2nd surgery)


Right after his second surgery


The deadly objects


The inquisitive kitten is back!


Feeling good!

We will miss you Tigger!!



January 26, 2013

This adorable chocolate lab named Rosie came to us early this morning.  She had delivered 5 healthy puppies, but it had been 7 hours since the last one had been born!  An x-ray revealed 3 puppies left in her abdomen!  After about an hour of medical management and assisted delivery, the 3 additional puppies were born, all healthy (amazing)!  Rosie did great, and is such a good mother!

Rosie and puppy #6 Rosie rad SAM_0352 SAM_0354

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