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October 29th, 2012

How was your experience at Veterinary Emergency Center?  We would love to hear your stories and testimonials.  Reach out and let us know how you feel about the care you and your pet were provided!  Scroll to the bottom of the page to make your comments.

51 responses to “Share your stories.”

  1. Barbara Papandrea says:

    Our sweet Bella had developed a raised mass on her back which was turning into two and had us quite concerned. Hoping it was not cancerous, but we did not want to put off removing it any longer.
    Dr Shapiro made me feel completely at ease and confident about something that was pretty scary for me. Technicians Laura and Becky were amazing with her also; everyone did a great job!! In fact, the next day Bella seemed quite happy, and had a great appetite! The only thing she is unhappy about is wearing her cone 🙂
    I feel so much better now that this is behind us, and I look forward to hearing about negative tissue results. Thank you SO MUCH, Dr Shapiro, and staff at Veternary Emergency Center for your excellent care ???

  2. Barbara Papandrea says:

    Our sweet Bella had developed a raised mass on her back which was turning into two and had us quite concerned. Hoping it was not cancerous, but we did not want to put off removing it any longer.
    Dr Shapiro made me feel completely at ease and confident about something that was pretty scary for me. Technicians Laura and Becky were amazing with her also; everyone did a great job!! In fact, the next day Bella seemed quite happy, and had a great appetite! The only thing she is unhappy about is wearing her cone 🙂
    I feel so much better now that this is behind us, and I look forward to hearing about negative tissue results. Thank you SO MUCH, Dr Shapiro, and staff at Veternary Emergency Center for your excellent care ???

  3. Laura Bateson says:

    Our Prudence came home from our morning hike in the woods and seemed fine. An hour later she can’t put weight on her right rear leg. We never heard of VEC but got a referral and ran right down. I have never met so many caring and wonderful,people in one place before. They treated Pru like a family member, which she is to us, and took such gentle care of her. Turns out, even though she and her sister wear safety vests with reinforced chest protectors, she had been stabbed in the groin by a random stick during out hike. They cleaned her up, gave us the necessary meds and we were on our way. She is resting comfortably on her favorite chair now. I can not thank you all for nought and I already am spreading the word about your clinic to my friends.

  4. Shannon says:

    Here is Bo feeling great!!

  5. Brenda Mitchell says:

    I wanted to say a huge thank you to Dr. Shannon Bertolino and Nurse Caitlin Footit for providing unbelievable care and compassion when dealing with our emergency visit on Saturday, August 20th. I came home to find one of my beloved pups, Bo, on the floor with labored breathing and not wanting to move. I reached out to my good friend who is a vet tech at our veterinarian and she immediately identified he was bleeding out internally. Our vet office was closed but they recommended a few emergency clinics and I chose to bring him to VEC as it was closest to our home. This was absolutely the best decision. The team at VEC was wonderful and Dr. Bertolino performed an emergency splenectomy that night. My baby is recovering wonderfully and loves to go back and visit. Thank you again to the staff for treating him (and me) with much care and compassion. I highly recommend VEC of Canton for emergency help. The facility is as wonderful as the staff. Thanks again to all of the staff that spoiled Bo his few days he stayed with you 🙂

  6. Sharon L. says:

    And hanging out in the yard

  7. Sharon L. says:

    Mac lounging

  8. Sharon L. says:

    The Veterinary Emergency Center saved Mackenzie’s life TWICE, first at the end of 2015 and again this past June. Mac had pneumonia both times, and was extremely ill, would certainly have died without treatment. She was diagnosed, cultured, put on a course of treatment (the first time with an injectable-only super antibiotic that was the only effective drug to use against the bacteria involved, and the second time with a course of two powerful oral antibiotics). She was X-rayed several times during her weeks-long recoveries to determine the condition of her lungs, when the drugs could be stopped, etc. Mac and I visited VEC regularly during these weeks and got to know many of the staff. They were uniformly kind, caring, and highly skilled. Emergency visits are always emotionally difficult for owners and I can’t say enough good things about how comforting the staff was to me and also how helpful. For example, Mac’s first pneumonia required injections three times a day, so I had to learn how to give them at home; the staff was endlessly patient (in person and on the phone), teaching me how to reconstitute the drugs using saline and the powdered drug that came in vials, how to fill the syringes, and how to inject Mac, all of which I’d never done before, and for which I, who found the process challenging, needed more than one lesson. As Mac slowly improved and returned for followup visits, it was obvious how comfortable she was being with the staff and at the ER. Mac is a very tough girl and a fighter, but she needed a lot of help and some 24-hour care (oxygen, IVs, etc.) both times she had pneumonia. It is wonderful that an emergency facility so nearby is open 24/7. Mac is now doing spectacularly well, given her age and various other medical issues. And she is taking some daily medications that may help prevent another occurrence of inhalation pneumonia, but if it or any other emergency occurs, we will feel confident that all that can be done for her will be done at VEC.
    Here’s Mac, looking pretty perky recently: hanging out in the yard, eating (which is a big deal at her age especially after all the weight she lost during her illness), and just lounging (her favorite activity).

  9. Nancy Ball says:

    Our beloved pal Spencer, a 14+ year old Sheltie, unexpectedly went into distress on Thanksgiving evening. Thankfully Dr. Mooney and staff at Hopmeadow had made me aware of the Canton Emergency facility some time ago. We arrived there late at night and were immediately met with care and compassion. I can’t thank Dr. Kimberly Maier and Caitlin Footit enough for the professional and personal care they provided to our dear Spencer, and to us. After doing everything that could be done, they eased him until the rest of his family could join us to give him a proper send-off and say good-bye. We are so grateful to have this facility and it’s wonderful staff in our area.

  10. Dawn says:

    Early on the morning of July 16, 2015, our dog Isabel began experiencing distress. She had not been acting like normal the night before and we realized we couldn’t wait until our regular vet opened in the morning. I had heard horror stories of emergency vet clinics, but felt we had no choice but to go to the Veterinary Emergency Center in Canton. I can not say enough of how well we were treated by Dr. Bertolino and her staff. They were all compassionate and treated our beloved girl like she was their own. I also want to say that the bill for their services was not nearly as much as I thought it would be, given that we arrived at 3:15 am and had numerous tests done. Isabel was 14 years old, and they did everything they could to try to find out what the problem was, and then kept her comfortable until we were able to get to our regular vet. While our story does not have a happy ending, we will not hesitate to return to this clinic if a situation calls for it with our other pets. I have been telling all of my friends who own animals that they should not think twice of coming to this clinic in an emergency. Thank you, all of you, for your help. Dawn

  11. Blanka and Leon Whipple says:

    On the night of August 21 2015 are beloved Great Dane Julie became ill with bloat. At the age of 9 and a half she had a lot up and downs. The last year though we saw a great decline in her health. Having her Acl operated around age 4 at a 150 pounds she recover well,but was never the same. So this dreadful night that she became ill and Dr Gerber told us she would need surgery and she couldn’t say that it wouldn’t happen again. Dr Gerber comfort us that it was the kindness thing to do and let her go. Although Me and my husband felt like a piece of are hearts where about to go with her. Dr Gerber and staff were so kind and considerate . They help us to be able to say goodbye to her and let her go to heaven where hopefully we will meet again. Thank you again!

  12. Nicole S and Adam T says:

    Words cannot describe how grateful we are for this center as well as the staff that took such amazing are of our “kids.” In a weeks time we brought George our Shih Tzu who we had just adopted for some immediate care that he needed after a small tiff with his sister Dakota. We had to come in late at night and they were so caring with George and took quick and swift care of him. Since then he’s been acting like himself again. A week later we had to bring Dakota in again late at night because she had cut the bottom of her tongue and needed stitches. Less than 12 hours later we had to bring her again because she had popped three of her stitches. Though we had to wait a little while, it didn’t matter. They were so great with us and Dakota we didn’t even realize anymore that we had waited. We are so glad we found this center to care for our “kids” in the after hours should they need care. We would recommend this center to everyone we know…and we have!! Thanks again for taking such good care of all of us! Special thanks to Dr Bertolini and Caitlin who saw both George and Dakota and were great with Adam and I.

  13. Maryanne S. says:

    Just a note of thanks for your kindness. Several weeks ago, we had to say goodbye to our elderly kitty. The Doc Bertolino and the Tech who cared for her were sweet, professional and respectful. The office is so pleasant and the ambassador kitty kept us company as they prepared for us. I have sung your praises and will continue to do so.

  14. Jim says:

    In December of 2013 I was hiking in a remote area with Bella when she decided to try and make a new friend with a local porcupine. This resulted in several hundred quills in her face, mouth, gums, and nose. It was a Sunday afternoon and I had no idea where I could bring her to be treated and have them removed. After a quick google search I found the listing for this emergency center. We called and we were told we could be seen as soon as we could get there. Upon arriving we were greeted by the extremely friendly and understanding staff. After a quick examination we were informed she would have to be put under to have the quills removed from her mouth and other sensitive areas. We asked how much this was going to cost being an emergency procedure. We were given a vague price range depending on how long it took to complete. We left a small deposit and did some local shopping while awaiting the phone call to come pick Bella up. A couple hours later we returned to find her happy and quill free!! Now it was time to pay up for a sunday emergency procedure and we were nervous about it being on the higher side of the quote. We were completely surprised to find it ended up being very reasonable for the circumstances and in the middle of the price range we were quoted. We were very appreciative of them not taking advantage of our desperation.
    Fast forward to February 2015. We returned home from work to find Bella limping on one of her front paws. I checked her for a possible sliver or cut but found nothing obvious. I figured she broke a nail on the stairs or in the snow and ice while playing. The next day when we returned from home from work Bella appeared to have stayed in bed all day and didn’t eat anything. Now we knew something was definetly wrong. Considering her breed we were fearing the worst possible scenarios. We made a quick call and again we were told she could be seen right away. Again after arriving we were greeted by the same friendly staff and attended to immediately. After a quick exam and some blood work it was determined she had Lyme disease. The doctor gave us some meds and explained to us how the disease works and progresses. Only 12 hours later Bella was back to normal and happy as can be. Again we were surprised at the reasonable price for a 7pm visit and two medications.
    On 2 occasions now we have had a great experience with Dr.Bertolino and her staff. The office is clean, the staff are kind, helpful, professional and the prices are reasonable for emergency care at anytime of night. We can’t say enough positive things about this practice and its employees. Thank you for all you have done for us!!

  15. Joe Tourville says:

    On January 11 my wife and I had to say goodbye to our beloved friend and family member, our 16 year old Border Collie, Duster.
    Although it was our first time to The VEC in Canton, Dr. Bertolino and her staff made us feel as if they were old friends. I cannot express our appreciation enough for the compassionate way they treated Duster and us. We have nothing but praise and thanks for having made such a difficult time as pleasant as possible.

    Joe and Diane Tourville

  16. Amanda O'Connor says:

    On a Friday night we came home to our poor puppy Jasper vomiting large amounts of blood. We brought him to VEC and it was by far the best experience I have ever had with an emergency room or overall vet visit. I felt confident that he was in good hands because they treated Jasper as though he was their own. The whole staff was friendly, knowledgeable, thorough, and gave it to you straight. In the end it turned out Jasper had severe stomach and throat ulcerations which to this day we are unsure of what he got into but he is doing fantastic and we are grateful for the top notch work that VEC performed. If they took regular vet patients I would without a second thought switch Jasper and our two cats to their practice! Thank you VEC and Happy Holidays!

  17. Ryan Zengou says:

    Our german shepherd, Hauzer, was limping for a day and seemed to be getting worse. I took him in on a Saturday afternoon. VEC was able to see him immediately and Dr Gerber could not have been nicer or more compassionate. He turned out to have a broken toe. They splinted Hauzer’s foot and gave him pain meds. My pet was treated quickly and compassionately and I would definitely return to the clinic and recommend it to others.

  18. Jennifer and Bob Johnston says:

    Our 17 year old Cairn Terrier was very ill and stopped eating and drinking, but was still fighting to stay alive, as this breed will do. We wanted him to die at home but he was not letting go. Your staff lovingly suggested that we needed to help him go. You made a difficult decision easier and we can’t thank you enough for your gentleness, kindness, and compassion.

  19. Colleen Petrovits says:

    My yellow lab mix, Haley, paid a visit to Dr. Bertolino and her staff a few weeks ago after suffering from a persistent GI upset that became concerning. At the suggestion of my vet, I called ahead, as I was at work myself, and my mother and friend were bringing Haley in. Kaitlyn answered the phone and gathered from me all the information they needed so they were prepared when Haley arrived. Haley was seen right away. She was thoroughly examined and appropriate tests were performed. The entire staff was kind and compassionate. Dr. Bertolino even took the time to call me at work and explain everything that had been done, even though my mom and friend had also received all this information in person. We are so grateful to have found Dr. Bertolino and the Canton Veterinary Emergency Center. They provide compassionate and thorough care, and for a fair fee, which is something we have not experienced at other emergency vets. Haley recovered quickly and is doing great, but they already know this since they called to check on her, too. Thanks again!

  20. Cyndi Figueroa says:

    I came home to find my 70lb Australian Shepherd/Golden Retriever Mix (Toby) and 13lb Chiweenie (Pepper) had eaten four 12oz bag of dark and milk chocolate between the two of them. After driving to a emergency vet in avon who had moved (they never took down their old address from google maps) I was freaking out. Toby we left at home because he had not eaten a lethal dose and was throwing up regularly, but Pepper’s belly was huge and you could tell she was in pain. First of all, the office is beautiful. They even have snacks! Jennifer Baker was the first person we saw and she was so sweet. She calmed me right down. I’m of course freaking out because my little dog’s belly is three times its normal size. Dr. Shannon Bertolino is hands down the best vet I’ve been to and Pepper is my fourth dog. She was calm and professional, and best of all she didn’t pressure me to do something I didn’t want. Although she suggested we leave Pepper overnight for observation, I wanted to take her home. Dr. Bertolino completely understood and talking with me until I was completely set on what I was supposed to do and check for. Even made sure I knew how to monitor Pepper’s heartbeat. Not only did she tell me what to do with Pepper, but also let me ask any questions I had about Toby. When I left I was told if I was nervous or had any questions, I could just call. I wish this was a non-emergency vet clinic, because if it was, I would bring all my pets here. From the moment I walked in, I knew my dog was going to be taken care of like it was their own.

  21. marilyn jones says:

    On the night of April 11, our neutered male cat “Benny” was mistakenly allowed to encounter our huge neutered ex-tomcat Cheddar, who is normally kept separated from all our other kitties. (My bad!) They had an altercation that left Benny with a bleeding eye. We rushed Benny to the Veterinary Emergency Center and were promptly moved to an examination room, where Benny was given a gentle preliminary exam by one of the Vet Techs, then seen shortly thereafter by Dr. Bertolino. Dr. Bertolino gave him a thorough exam. After determining that the damage to his eye was superficial, she administered a pain injection and prescribed antibiotic eye ointment. In my 50+ years of cat ownership, and having owned or fostered more than 80 cats in my lifetime, I have had many occasions to visit area emergency veterinary clinics. I’d heard wonderful things about the VEC and, although this visit was minor, I wouldn’t hesitate to bring any of my 12 fulltime kitties back to VEC if they are in need of emergency care. It’s a great comfort to know that a first-rate emergency clinic exists in our area. Thank you!

  22. Shannon Bertolino says:

    When I first received the comments noted below, I admit my first instinct was not to publish them. Why would I want a negative post on my own website? Then I thought our hospital would be better served if I addressed the issue fully. I believe a miscommunication occurred during this visit which I would like to clear up. The patient was diagnosed with “gastroenteritis or pancreatitis”, as described below, which is simply an inflammation of the GI tract or pancreas, and is an accurate description of the patient’s condition. This is wholly different than a GI tract “obstruction”. The x-rays taken did reveal foreign debris in her stomach, which we are always concerned could LEAD to obstruction. This is what prompted the clinician on staff that night to recommend overnight hospitalization and monitoring. Patients can worsen quickly if a true obstruction does form, and further, this patient was in significant discomfort, which is best controlled with intravenous pain medication. As hard as we work to communicate concisely and accurately our findings and recommendations throughout a patient’s visit, there are many factors working against us, including the late hour at which we see many patients and the owner’s distress at seeing their beloved pet acting abnormally. Ultimately, we are thrilled that the patient did recover fully and was in good shape when she went to see her regular veterinarian the next day.

  23. Dawn says:

    On the evening of March 19, 2014 we brought our little MaltiPoo in as she was in much distress.She was experiencing a lot of pain around her belly and back area when touched.Xrays were taken and we were told she had some sort of obstruction in her belly. The doctor diagnosed her with either gastroenteritis or pancreatitis. They gave her some IV fluids and something for pain.We were advised to leave her overnight for observation and more IV fluids and pain medication.
    We decided to take her home and have her visit her regular vet the next day.After her regular vet examined the xray he said the ‘obstruction’ was just last night’s dinner, and she was actually experiencing pulled back muscles.That little visit to the emergency vet would have cost us upwards of $1200.As it was it cost us nearly $450.00 for a misdiagnosis. You are at the mercy of these doctors when you come in with your precious pet and will agree to anything they suggest. My suggestion is to proceed cautiously.

  24. Michael Lyons says:

    On January 22nd, 2014, our Shih Tzu, Beijing, was in obvious distress and we were so glad we were directed to the Vet Emergency Center of Canton. Dr. Ulman and her staff on duty that night were so kind and showed our dog enormous care. They worked multiple options and when it was clear that it was an end of life decision, the team was so helpful. They treated our sweet dog with dignity, allowing my wife time to shed tears and let me say goodbye appropriately. While the outcome was sad, I am so glad our dog spent her last minutes in the good care of Dr. Ulman and team. Thank you so much.

  25. Kathy says:

    Last Sunday, we took our 8 1/2 year old dog who was having issues walking in to be seen. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but upon my arrival, I was greeted warmly by the staff who also showed a great amount of professionalism. It’s now almost a week later and she’s back to her normal self (thinking that she’s 8 months old versus 8 years old!) which is wonderful! Thank you!

  26. Marie Kritz says:

    We became acquainted with this facility when our 12 year old Welsh Pembroke Corgi, Millie, suddenly and out of the blue had a series of seizures during the Christmas holidays. She was in really bad shape and we thought she was at the end of her happy little life. Dr. Bertolini treated her and gave her appropriate care to help with her seizures. After treatment at the hospital, we were told what to expect when she came home and she responded exactly as the Dr had said she would. She is now being managed with oral medication to be followed up by her regular Vet.

    The care Millie got was excellent, appropriate and her recovery has exceeded all of our expectations The staff is kind, professional and very knowledgable. The facility is clean, modern and made a sad event somewhat pleasant. We are so happy to have this happy little girl home with us a bit longer! Thank you to the Dr and all of her staff! Dr Richard and Marie Kritz

  27. Ed Lupkas says:

    My mixed lasa/shitzu Peter had a cyst that rapidly developed in a matter of a couple of days. (Over the Christmas Week).On Saturday morning December 28th I awoke to a very bloody messy bed, Peters cyst had ruptured. Calling me vet and finding he was out of town had me in panic mode. The answering service suggested i take Peter to the Veterinary Emergency Center. I am so glad i did. They immediately set me at ease. They were kind , compasionate and friendly. In no time they had Peter examined,his wound cleaned and stitched and we were sent home. Bless you and thank you all

  28. Mary dunning says:

    On a recent Wednesday night I called your veterinary emergency center for advice regarding my little Tibetan Spaniel, Missy. I was so impressed by how helpful and considerate Caitlin was that night and now generous Dr. Bertolino was to give the advice. I did not know that Missy would soon be in their care in critical condition. From the moment we were met by Pam and she was examined by Dr. Bertolino, I knew she was in good hands. Dr. Bertolino is calm, thorough, and very caring. That night she and her staff did all the right things and Missy survived and is actually thriving two days later. My husband and I are immensely grateful for your great work in bringing Missy back. Your staff, the lovely environment of your hospital, the attention to detail and the communication with everyone there was way beyond any expectation we would have ever had. I am very happy to add another glowing report to all those who have written. Thank you again.

  29. Daneen Huddart says:

    Our beautiful dog Biscuit left this earth on Oct 12, 2013. We can not say enough wonderful things about the love and support and superior care that your office gave to her and us. On Sat,May 6th, Biscuit collapsed in the woods during a hike. We brought her to see Dr. Bertolino and found the most compassionate woman and vet, along with an incredible staff. She took a lot of fluid off around her heart. She suggested taking Biscuit to Tufts, and we frantically drove her there in Grafton, MA. They diagnosed with a tumor on her heart, and gave her a few weeks to live. Biscuit wouldn’t have that, she wanted to be with us through the summer and enjoy the lake we live on. We tried everything to help her, but also keep her quality of life at the best we could. When she collapsed on Friday, Dr. Bertolino was there for again, trying everything. On Sat morning, Biscuit’s journey had come to an end. It broke her hearts to let her go, but we got to be with her, and show her our love. Thank YOU all for doing more than just your job…for caring about our most beloved Bisky! Anna is 13 years old and has always wanted to be a vet, and plans on doing that…I can only hope that she will follow in your footsteps Dr. Bertolino! Peace and Many Hugs! Daneen and Anna Huddart

  30. Katina Loomis says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! When our Betty became mysteriously worse the night after a visit to our regular vet for a rash, she was absolutely covered in hives all over her body and shaking terribly by 10pm. We were so scared. We brought her to the wonderful folks at Vet Emergency in Canton and they took her in right away. The staff was so friendly and patient. We had hardly any info for them – but the doctors treated her quickly and efficiently. She felt better by the time she got back in the truck and even better over the next few days until she was completely well – thanks to her excellent care from the doctors at V.E.C.! Mr. Mittens her kitten friend was a good nurse, too.

  31. dan romaniello says:

    Just want to say thanks from Tate and his mommy & poppy to Beatrice, Brittany and Dr. Shannon. We had to come in to be seen on the evening of September 30. Gratefully it was nothing serious but relieved to have such a wonderfully organized and caring Emergancy hospital. I know I felt better being in such great care. And I know my poppy sleeps more soundly knowing the care that’s available when our vets are not open. I can now include Dr. Shannon and the entire staff as part of my continued care and my new friends. Once again many thanks. Tate romaniello

  32. amy catherine adams says:

    What a gift to have this emergency center for two of our cats this year!
    We lost Oliver to rapiidly progressing kidney disease in April of this year, and when we brought him in, we knew it was the end. Dr. Bertollino welcomed us and brought us into a quiet room after examining him. The staff as well were kind and gentle. Oliver’s passing was peaceful and serene. Compassion is the word I walked away with that morning, and the doctor and the staff showed that to my husband and myself.

    Then, on Friday evening, September 6, 2013, confident in the clinic’s availability we brought our very sick Ruby in to be seen. Compassion was paramount again on this visit, and although Ruby was critically ill, we knew leaving the clinic she was in the best possible hands.

    She made it through the night, and we were comforted again by the clinic. We took Ruby home two days later after she was taken care of with compassion and expert care. Thank you.

  33. Sharon & Richard Banelli says:

    I cannot even begin to express my gratitute to Dr. Bertolino and her amazing staff. Our dog, Yankee, became extremely ill within a matter of hours. Upon the recommendation of our vet, we took Yankee to see Dr. Bertolino. She sat with us and explained step by step what her course of treatment would be and Yankee needed to spend the night at her clinic. As promised, Dr. Bertolino called me throughout the night to keep me informed as to how Yankee was progressing. Fortunately our dog did not need surgery, but if that had been necessary, I would have been completely confident that she would be in very good hands.
    We are extremely fortunate to have this amazing clinic with such kind, caring and compassionate professionals so close to home.

  34. Lynn Emery says:

    Thank you so much for your care of my little Morkie, we tryed the meds first and then we retested and xrayed. Showed a large stone in her bladder. Surgery last night and back home today. Suri is doing great! Thank you again for her wonderful care.

  35. Kate Jackson says:

    What a very fine hospital. My dog and I went today on a Sunday morning to emergency care for an injury. Dr Bertolino and Lindsay and Caitlin were all very warm and welcoming of our dog. They were completely professional. Dr Bertolino’s exam and diagnosis were thoughtful and clear and did not recommend unnecessary procedures. The hospital was clean and pretty with coffee and treats for humans too. I recommend this hospital very very highly. It was ax excellent experience for me and for my dog.

  36. Stacey Gallagher says:

    As a long time veterinary technician my expectations are very high. The VEC of Canton exceeded my expectations by a land slide! The entire facility was immaculate (not an easy task, trust me!). From parking lot, waiting room and exam room I was made comfortable and the entire staff made sure I felt at home. Dr Bertolino listed carefully during our initial exam and was fabulous with my very timid teacup Chihuahua. I was pleasantly surprised at how kind and calm everyone was with my little girl. I would recommend this clinic to anyone I know and will definitely choose this hospital whenever I need emergency care.

  37. Lynn Emery says:

    Thank you so much, Veterinary Emergency Center, had to take Suri up to have a Tick removed from the top of her nose. They were wonderful!! Thanks again.

  38. Andy Gimma says:

    BubbaLuka is doing fantastic! Was able to greet me at the door when i came home yesterday. Moving around well. Appetite back. Thank you all!

  39. Eileen and Andy Gimma says:

    This weekend, June 22,2013 our 5 year old Labrador who had recently been diagnosed with Lyme disease was lethargic wouldn’t eat and started to shiver all over. We went right to the clinic and from then on felt nothing but confident that he would receive the best care. Everyone was friendly but very proficient in their job. Dr Shannon was knowledgable and told us what was needed. when we were able to bring our dog home the next day after a round of intravenous fluids and new meds she sat and explained what happened and why. We are thrilled that she is so close and would recommend them to anyone.

  40. Alice Lapierre says:

    Thank you so much Dr. Bertolino, Pam and Jenn for the wonderful care taken of my 17 year old toy poodle Cocoa last night. I am so happy that my vet mentioned your facility in the event of an emergency. I am extremely greatful to all of you! May your practice prosper in the years ahead. Miss Cocoa seems to feel better already this morning. My best to you always!

  41. Elyse Manyak says:

    I just wanted to take a minute to say I am ETERNALLY grateful there is an emergency clinic close by that I trust. Our boxer/mastiff has had us in several hospitals and clinic in the 3.5 years we have had her, but I have never felt more “ok” than in Dr. B’s practice. Having worked in veterinary medicine, I understand the challenges often faced with long hours, lack of sleep, etc. I would refer ANYONE to this clinic and am so happy that, in the event I need quick care for my girl, there is top quality medicine available. Thank you to the staff of VEC of Canton for everything you do.

  42. Joanne Seamans says:

    This clinic is something the area really needed. Closest other one was in West Hartford. I brought my dog Foxus there last night for something that did not turn out to be serious, but it gave me peace of mind to have him examined instead of waiting until morning. Everyone was so nice and made the effort to make him feel comfortable after explaining that he was a rescue that had been abused and had fear issues. The office visit fee is reasonable, considering it is an emergency after hours clinic. Highly recommend this clinic and would not hesitate to use their services again when my regular vet is not available.

  43. Keith Havemeyer says:

    During a 9 month battle with Cancer our Boy “Jackson” was slowly going down hill. In preperation I asked our vet what to do if he took a turn for the worse overnight. She responded by telling us about Dr. Bertolino and her facility. On April 15, 2013 at 10pm I found myself at Dr Bertolino’s office. In a moment of deep greif I found Dr. Shannon Bertolino’s style to be reasuring, supportive and peaceful. We sat on the floor in her office and I carefully reviewed his medical history as she examined him. After he passed with his head on my lap, she even took time and listened to my stories about Jackson. In her office she began to help me heal. Thank you for your service, you are a blessing.

  44. Sherri Chasse says:

    What I can say is I have not one, but 2 very critical kitties that would not be alive right now if I had not taken them in, THIS WEEK! The first I had to take in on Saturday night, and Dr. Bertolino really saved his life. I thought it was just going to be a visit, and she decided to keep him overnight because his Potassium was dangerously low. I’m glad she kept him, because the levels continued to drop even on IV potassium. She kept him all weekend and then he spent a day with our vet. With a new med, my kitty is ok (for now), back to doing all his favorite things, we have a little more time to love him. My second kitty 2 nights ago was having severe difficulty breathing as a complication to heart failure, and although I brought her to my regular vet, she was hospitalized overnight with VEC, and the staff there, including Dr. Bertolino were just as wonderful making sure all her needs, tests, comforts were taken care of. She monitored her, made sure she was eating, using the bathroom and receiving the medication she needed throughout the night, so I did not need to worry about another major event happening at home that night. She came home feeling better and is almost back to normal already. I was so pleased with the service I received. They pay attention to every detail, and keep the office calm enough where I know my kitties will not be scared (which could be extremely serious for their heart problems). I know I will be going back to VEC when my regular vet is not open, because she is the first vet (other than mine) that I trust with my pets in all my years with them! She and her staff made the experience calm, comfortable and relieved a lot of stress for myself, my kids and my wonderful kitties. I cannot say enough good things about the care my kitties are receiving with her. Although I know I will likely be back and that the time is near for both of them, due to the complex illnesses, we have the ability to love them a little longer because of VEC.

  45. Terri Chapman says:

    I met Dr. Bertolino and her staff on Tuesday morning, March 26th. My yellow lab mix, Keyla, was not well and took a turn for the worse early that morning. It was apparent what had to be done but a difficult decision none the less. The care and compassion Dr. Bertolino and her staff showed went far beyond what I expected. I felt blessed that Keyla was in their care and treated with such respect during her final moments. I cannot thank them enough.

  46. Becca Loveland says:

    After having a bad experience with another emergency vet with my dog, I was cautious of bringing my cat, Daytona to the vets. After bringing him to Dr. Bertolino, I was very impressed with her and her staff. I never once had any fears or worries with bringing Daytona there. They were very informative, gentle, and thorough with his health issues. When an emergency pops up and my local vet is closed, I never have a second thought of calling her and bringing him down to get checked out. They go above and beyond being just another vet taking care just another animal. They not only took good care of Daytona, but made sure I understood and was comfortable with continuing care at my house. I would recommend anyone with a pet emergency to go to her. I thank you her and her staff for the amazing care and love they give to him.

  47. Sharon & John Sobestanovich says:

    We feel so blessed and happy to have found Dr. Bertolino and her facility two weeks ago when we needed emergency care for our German Shepherd, Lars. Dr. Bertolino and her staff were kind, knowledgeable and thorough, even with an originally difficult to determine diagnosis. Although we were there only a few hours, Dr. Bertolino met with us several times to discuss Lars’ symptoms, treatment and her thoughts on his condition. Although we had to make the heartbreaking decision a day later at Tufts in MA to say goodbye to our boy due to an untreatable cancer on his heart, we will always be grateful to Dr. Bertolino and her staff for their care, compassion and treatment of our beautiful boy in his final hours. We can’t say enough about how thankful we are they were there for us and recommend her to all of our pet owner friends. Attached is photo of our boy, happy as can be, as he always was, and as we will always remember him. Sharon & John Sobestanovich

  48. Julia Grieco says:

    We are honored to have Dr Shannon Bertolino care for our two pugs, Ordell and Myles. We met Shannon when “our boys” we’re just pups in 2004 at her former Farmington practice. Our older pug has developed a complicated medical profile and Shannon has been there to provide care, treatment and most importantly her professional advice throughout each challenging hurdle we encounter. Our oldest boy broke his elbow as a youngster and underwent four surgeries which ultimately ended in fusing the elbow joint. Shannon kept in touch with the surgeon and communicated the issues, options and was there to provide her professional advice when it came to the final surgery. A couple years later, our boy was diagnosed with degenerative mast cell tumors. With the love, compassion, and dedication of Shannon our boy is receiving the BEST care and still an active member of our family. The knowledge, professionalism and dedication that Dr Bertolino gives to each pet and family is unparallel and she is the perfect vet to serve a family during a time of emergency!

  49. James and Pam Taylor says:

    Bogey first met Dr. Bertolino in 2004 and in 2010 Bogey was diagnosed with cancer. Dr. Bertolino is amazing and we feel so very blessed that she was Bogey’s doctor for 9 years. There were many times that we needed to make a last minute appointment and she always responded and met Bogey’s needs. Dr Bertolino constantly took all avenues into consideration in determining the best treatment for our dog baby – Bogey. She listened to us, observed Bogey and looked at various medical options. She was also compassionate and treated the whole situation not just the cancer. She was available to our family 24/7 and even made house calls to observe Bogey in her own environment. She allowed Bogey to be Bogey, have dignity and quality of life to the very end in 2012. We would highly recommend Dr. Bertolino to anyone. We feel so strongly about her compassion and character for her practice and helping animals. She most definitely added years to Bogey’s life and Bogey loved her.

  50. Jon Joyce says:

    I have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Shannon Bertolino since 2004. When she opened her former practice in Farmington, she was the doctor who cared for my two wonderful Bichons, Beauregard and Maxwell. All the while I have known her, she has been extremely thorough and competent, always very accessible, kind, compassionate, easy to talk to and extremely understanding. The most important thing about Dr. Bertolino for me was her willingness to listen and answer all my questions. She is a great communicator! This was especially important with all that I had to go through during the last year. Both of the boys developed cancer in their 13th year! Shannon was very attentive and extremely concerned. She even accompanied me to the New England Veterinary Oncology Group (NEVOC0 in Waltham, MA to help me make an informed decision about various medical treatment options to weigh if I wanted or needed them. Unfortunately, I lost both of our dogs and will always miss them after 14 years. I appreciate all that Shannon did and the open love she showed for our precious pets during all her years of care. I find solace in knowing how well our pets were cared for and how much easier their passing was with her by my side. I want to thank her again, and I would be certain to recommend her clinic to any pet owner seeking compassionate and knowledgeable care. She is the role model every vet should aspire to!

    Jon Joyce

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