String And Kitties Do Not Mix!

February 3rd, 2013

String, thread, ribbon, tinsel- we call them linear foreign bodies and they are deadly.  This 6-month-old kitten named Tigger came to us over a week ago, and was found to have ingested a long piece of thread that had started to cut through his intestines, spreading infection throughout his abdomen!  It took two surgeries and a lot of intensive care (including oxygen supplementation and tube feeding) to get him through this ordeal.  We are SO proud and pleased to report he is being discharged today!  His wonderfully dedicated owners had adopted him less than a week before he got sick!  He is so lucky to have them, and we wish him a long, healthy, and string-free life in his new home.

Tigger feeling pretty poorly

Tigger feeling pretty poorly


Starting to feel better (little did we know he would need a 2nd surgery)


Right after his second surgery


The deadly objects


The inquisitive kitten is back!


Feeling good!

We will miss you Tigger!!


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