Meet Turk!

December 5th, 2017

Meet Turk! An amazing 6yr old English Springer Spaniel who spent almost a total of 3 weeks hospitalized at VEC! Yes 3 weeks!!
Turk, a talented hunting dog that will also fetch a tennis ball until he collapses, presented to VEC in mid October with symptoms of heatstroke though it was beautiful fall weather. The heatstroke symptoms were due to kidney injury which led to multiple organ dysfunction (failure). Turk required extensive supportive care. While his liver values improved his kidney function worsened – which was not surprising but concerning.
Turk’s family visited almost every day and would bring home cooked meals to try to entice him to eat. He had good days, bad days and some really bad days. His family was determined and had faith that Turk would recover. Turk was always an ideal patient during his stay.
After almost 3 weeks of hospitalization and supportive care at VEC which included countless medications and labwork, a blood transfusion, ultrasound, radiographs, IV fluids and catheters and the unconditional love and support of his family Turk greatly improved and went home! His recovery has been slow but steady – he is eating, gaining weight and becoming more active day by day!
We are expecting he will back out in the great outdoors and chasing down tennis balls soon! Best wishes to Turk and his amazing family!

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